30 June 2011

Co.cc domain is blocked by Google

Co.cc domain is blocked by Google from all the search results (deindex), because Google considers co.cc websites spread spam, viruses, worms and the majority of them have low quality content.

InfoTeknologi realized today (June 30) that all the 'domain co.cc blocked' or experiencing deindex offrom all Google search results (SERP).

Driven by curiosity we explored this issue in Google Webmaster forum, which has already many co.cc domain owner experiencing de-index by Google.

Info Technology finally get an explanation of why Google's domain block co.cc. Matt Cutts, head of webspam team at Google explained about co.cc domain which is blocked by google through update from his google+ account:

We absolutely do try to be granular, but I wanted to mention that if we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific freehost be spammy or low-quality, we do reserve the right to take action on the freehost as a whole. I think most savvy search/SEO folks would understand this completely, but I figure it's better to over-communicate than under-communicate.

Google's bottom line judge 'domain co.cc' has a bad reputation on the internet because most of the content contained worms, spam, and viruses. And Google decides to block a co.cc domain as a whole.

Co.cc known as a free domain service, but many users dont know the fact they only have access to a subdomain only, so when the co.cc domain name is blocked by Google co.cc then all the subdomains will automatically get blocked as well.

Here's the explanation:

  • Co.cc different. Com,. Co.id or co.uk domain because this is the main second-level domain hierarchy.
  • Co.cc has a second-level hierarchy. Cc, as well as infoteknologi.com which has the second-level hierarchy. Com
  • Most Co.cc website, eg: nico.co.cc have the same rank with en.infoteknologi.com

Google's decision to burn the barn to get rid of rats, are bad for websites that have original and interesting content as well as upsetting all the website owners who already devote his efforts to build their website.

There has been no announcement whether Google will cancel the blocking with co.cc website or not, because without Google where should people can find their website? Bing, Yahoo! Get Real .. :)

Final word, Infoteknologi suggest if you are interested in creating a blog or website for free, use a trustworthy domains such as WordPress, Blogspot, or Tumblr.