25 June 2011

Fix missing phonebook contact on Nokia E71

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One of my friends have a Nokia E71 and she can not access the phonebook contact on her Nokia E7 after she replaced SIM card.

The phonebook contact in Nokia E7 are lost and can not be opened either from phonebook menu or from a shortcut key. This is quite strange because in Nokia E7 it should stored in memory card instead on the SIM card.

Having searched and read the forum in Nokia, the causes could be:
  • Conflicts between applications that also use the contact facility in Nokia like Windows Live messenger and Nokia Internet Services Support Package.
  • Memory card problem in Nokia E71.

To overcome the loss of phonebook in the Nokia E71, you can simply uninstall above application, by going into the menu Installation - App Manager. And uninstall Windows Live applications and also the Nokia Internet Service Support; Restar your phone and your E7 phonebook will be accessible again.

Meanwhile, if the problem is in memory card, you can reset the memory card by going to Memory - Remove Memory Card. End this step by inserting the memory card back into the slot and then restart your Nokia E71.

If all the solution above does not work, backup all the files on your E7 and do softreset by entering the code *#7370# when the screen in standby position and enter default password 12345 (if unmodified)

When one of the above solution succeed, you don't have to do the other step. "Nokia missing phonebook solutions" above can also be done in other phone like Nokia E63.