25 June 2011

What is Root Android?

Rooting Android

What is Root Android ?

Root Android is an act to modify Android phone thus giving the user full access to the Android mobile phone. Much like the Run as administrator in Windows or typing the sudo command in Linux terminal.

Android that has been rooted will be able to release all the potential and features that are locked such as installing an app that does not come from Android Market, wireless tethering feature, change the display, bootloader, uninstall default application or crapware, flashing custom ROM, etc.

Basically all Android smartphones (or tablets) can be root easily, although there are certain Android models that require different way of rooting.

Nevertheless, Android owners are advised not to root their Android if they do not require features that Info Teknologi mentioned above, because 'rooting your android' will open security vulnerabilities, Android won't work after root process, and the loss of warranty.

Root Android Tutorial

The easiest way to Root Android is by using SuperOneClick software, this freeware application can run on both Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and Debian). SuperOneClick can be downloaded from XDA Developers or shortfuse.org.

Preparing Root Android with SuperOneClick :

  • Install Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 or higher version
  • Install the USB Driver for your Android Smartphone
  • Configure Android to USB Debugging mode. (Settings > Applications > Development , select USB Debugging)

Extract the downloaded file in a folder and run SuperOneClick.exe. Connect your Android smartphone to the computer (do not mount memory card). Click the Root button, and if the rooting process is completed a message will appears Root files have been installed!

Rooting Android with SuperOneClick

Press Yes button when prompted to do the test, the test results will confirm if the Android has been successfully rooted.

Some Android phones does not support rooting with SuperOneClick, such as HTC Supersonic, HTC Incredible, HTC Desire, HTC Aria, Droid Eris, dan HTC Wildfire. Rooting di handphone tersebut dapat dilakukan dengan unrevoked.

Once the process is completed then your rooted Android phone will be able to install non-Android Market applications, adding wireless tether fiture, wired tether, Overclocking the processor (SetCPU), install custom flash ROM, etc..

Note: Info Technology is not responsible for any damage or problems that may occur due to a failed root process android.