02 July 2011

200 millions Tweets sent every day

twitter logo

Twitter is growing rapidly in the social networking world, statisticly there were up 200 million tweets sent per day.

This value is increased from last year with 65 million tweets / day or increased by more than 200 percent.

Twitter announced in March reached 140 million tweets / day, while in 2009 people just tweet as much as 2 million / day.

So what are the contents of the tweet? A variety of topics! Like posting pictures of the launch of the spacecraft in the window of the plane or supports to the football club in the Champions League.

Twitter also helped a homeless man reunited with his daughter, helping a small town in Korea found the source of drinking water, or the overthrow a dictator in a country.

But the figure 200 million tweets / day which claimed by Twitter could only partially created by people. Because a lot of tweet coming from bot made ​​by publisher, in which the bot automatically tweet every time blogger / publisher create a new content.

For Examples Info Technology blog that will post to Twitter automatically after the article was completed, the tweet will include the title and link to the article. :)

So the question is, from 200 million tweets/day how many tweets were actually read?