28 June 2011

Download Opera 11.50 Swordfish

Opera software has just released the Opera 11.50 (Swordfish) with thousands of bugfixes which promised to delivered faster and new experience.

Besides fixing thousands of bug that found on previous version, one of the main changes is the User Interface called Featherweight.

Featherweight is the answer for user complaining that Opera was slow compared to other browsers. Jan Standal, Vice President of Opera for Desktop describes this:

Although Opera is fast (opening and closing tab / window), we have reports from users that Opera is slower than other browsers. We want to make the browser feel lighter and faster, while maintaining functionality.

Opera 11.50 also has some other new features, including:

  • Live Speed Dial, display website content in real-time on speed dial without having to open the website.
  • Password Synchronization.
  • Detection of missing plugin(s), Opera is able to detect and help users to install the plugin needed to open a page (eg: Adobe Flash and Java)
  • Better support for HTML5 web standards (element, history & navigation session, W3C File API, classList, etc.)
  • Full Opera 11.50 Changelog

Review Opera 11.50

Overall the speed was increased compared to previous versions and we really liked Live Speed ​​Dial feature because it can monitor the website without opening it (for weather reports, tweet, stock charts, etc.)

Opera still ranked 5th in terms of global browser usage after Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with 2.4% market share.

If you are interested in trying Opera 11.50 you can visit the link below:
Opera 11.50 Download