08 July 2011

Forwarding Gmail to more than one Email address

With this tutorial you can forwarding incoming Gmail message to more than one email address with maximum 20 adresses.

Google mail (Gmail) is very powerful, fast, free and also has a lot of features, one of them is 'email forwarding' a feature that allows emails received by Gmail being sent again to another email address that we specified before.

By default email forwarding in Gmail can only send mail message to one email address only, but in tutorial that Info Technology provide below, you can forwarding Gmail message from gmail to more than one email address with maximum of 20 email addresses.

Tutorial forwarding Gmail message to more than one Email address :

  • First go into your Gmail account settings, and at the top right corner select Mail settings.
Gmail Setting

  • Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP, click Add a Forwading Address, and then enter the email address which will be the destination of forwarding mail, end this step by selecting Next.
Add forwarding email in Gmail

  • Open the Inbox mail that you entered in previous step and check for confirmation link. Click the link to allow Gmail forwarding all email to this email address. (Repeat this step until all the email addresses entered - maximum 20 emails)
  • Once you finished entering all the forwarding email address, Go to Filter settings and select Add a New Filter
  • Inside From field, write "@" and then click Next Step button.
Forwad gmail message

  • Thick Forward it to : and select the email address that will receive your Gmail message, and then click Create Filter button to finish this step.
Forward to Gmail

  • Repeat the previous step until you entered all the email addresses that you want to receive gmail message.
Gmail Filter list

  • Test your Gmail filter settings by sending an email message to your Gmail account, if all the email addresses that you set before receive the message, it means we've succeed to 'forward gmail message' to more than one email address

To forward incoming message to only one email address you dont have to create filter, you can go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP setting and choose the email address of your choice in Forward a copy of incoming mail to

Forwarding and POP/IMAP