12 July 2011

Setting different IP address in Ncomputing

One of the disadvantage using Ncomputing is the IP address that used in client will have a same IP address with Ncomputing server.

This will limit us to use programs that required different IP address, such as IPMsg (IP based messaging), print control, auditing software and other network-based programs.

In order NComputing client uses different IP address, we must first install additional program named NComputing IP Utility that provided free of charge and can be downloaded from https://www.modularmerchant.com/clients/vspace_software.

Before downloading and use Ncomputing IP Utility you must first register and choose the software (NIU) at the website address above.

After that you will receive a key or registration number and download link via an email. NIU must registered via the internet or the program will only work for 30 days.

However, because this program is runnning sequentially by configuring each client with different IP address, booting up Ncomputing server will take longer than usual. And file sharing will stil use windows setting despite different ip address.

NIU System Requirement:
  • Ncomputing Type X-series or L-series
  • DHCP server
  • vSpace v4.4.2.2 or newer
  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003
  • Internet connection for registering NIU

Tutorial installing Ncomputing IP Utility:

Run the installer "NiuInst.exe", you will presented with EULA, select I agree and press the Next button to continue.

It will show a window to select the network card that will be used as a host, select network card that met with your computer specifications.

Tutorial installing NIU in Windows

Another screen will appear and you must determine the number of IP addresses that will be allocated to your NComputing devices (select as needed)

Cara buat IP address berbeda di setiap client NComputing

NIU will process the selection and when it finished it will ask you to enter the Activation Key (you can be bypassed this and do that next time), after that restart your computer.

installing NComputing Ip address utilityScreenshot NIU

For complete installation guide of NIU, you can read the manual.

NIU Screenshots:

Network properties Ncomputing in Windows XP
Screenshot NIU IP utility information