11 July 2011

Steve Jobs promoting tea in Taiwan? (Video)

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs promoting an iPhone? Typical. Steve Job promoting iPad 2? Still typical. Steve Jobs promoting tea? WTF ...

Yup, currently an ad is being circulated on Taiwan television channel by depicting the figure of Steve Jobs that promote tea product (Tong Yi Cha).

This ad campaign portrayed the atmosphere where the audience consisted of journalists was covering report from someone who looks like Steve Jobs wearing black turtleneck, jeans, sneakers and rimless glasses with a large screen with iPad 2 behind him.

But of course this Steve Jobs is a copy cat / impersonator, because he look healthier, younger, and taller. More importanly it's ridiculous when a founder of Apple advertised tea product

The ads itself promising tea drinkers will have a shot at winning a free iPad 2 every week.

Info Technology will wait if Apple will sue Tong Yi Cha tea products or even the fake Steve Jobs:)