05 July 2011

WordPress 3.2 Gershwin Released

Wordpress 3.2 has been released with codename Gershwin, taken from the name of a famous pianist and composer George Gershwin

Matt Mullenweg (founder) claimed that WordPress 3.2 would be faster and lighter than previous versions. WP 3.2 will comes with a new default theme "Twenty Eleven" which has full support HTML5 and has applied rotating header images feature.

Other features that user can found in WordPress 3.2 are redesign of dashboard, fullscreen editor, styling comments, and also some changes to the text menu.

The update process in 3.2 is different from previous version because WordPress will only update the changed files only, that way the update process will be faster.

Another important thing is starting version 3.2, WordPress will no longer supports Internet Explorer 6 brower, and if there are users who still use IE6 then he will receive a notification and redirected to download supported browser.

'WordPress 3.2' requires at least PHP 5.2.4 and MySQL 5.0.15. So if you interested in installing or updating to wordpress 3.2 make sure your hosting server already qualify for specifications above.

To download WordPress 3.2 you can visit Wordpress.org or update your wordpress directly from the Dashboard.