09 November 2011

Guide to Choose a Good Laptop

Actually there are a lot of tips and guidelines scattered buying a new laptop or notebook on the internet, but in the end I still write this article because most of the articles that I meet whether it's outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate.

So this are the following tips that I wrote based on my experiences.

1. Determine the budget you have and also will be used for anything your laptop or notebook (for office supplies, lectures, games, or design.)

2. Size, if you are a mobile person and only use a basic computer feature, you can buy a 10-11 inch netbook, whereas if you use it as your main computer it's better to choose a minimum 14 inches screen.

And some manufacturers now sell laptops CULV (Consumer Ultra-Low Voltage) is very thin. If you want this laptop-style suits you, but for the performance was still below the standard laptop.
So consider your needs first whether to style, mobile, or desktop replacement computer.

3. Plan ahead. Processor your laptop will not be upgraded, so select is fast enough to support your activity at least 1 year ahead.

Choosing a laptop with DDR3 slots should also be prioritized, although currently more expensive.

4. Balance your laptop's performance, quite often I see my friends or relatives who are obsessed to buy the latest processor, but they forgot to select a balanced memory. You have at least 2 gigabytes of RAM - 4 gigabytes.

If you plan to use more than 4 GB of RAM, make sure you use a 64bit operating system, otherwise your RAM will only be detected 4GB.

5. VGA card / chip, many people who buy a laptop only pay attention to the processor but then regret later when his laptop while watching movies, playing games, or editing pictures. VGA is also very vital election due to outstanding laptop currently embedded in the motherboard and can not be upgraded.

To use the Intel GMA4500 is enough for basic gaming, watching movies, and dvd, usually this card will share memory with your laptop memory.

Whereas with NVIDIA or ATI chipsets intended for better gaming, and video editing and graphics, it uses a dedicated VGA memory chips so it will not reduce the memory your laptop.

Note: Don't  buy a laptop with a cheap VGA chip, for example SiS M2/M3 or S3. Some local laptop using this cheap chip to suppress the price, the use of this card in a laptop is very disappointing, the performance was very bad even just to watch a DVD.

6. Priority on branded brands. I am not anti-local brands, but in reality after sales service brands better branded and responsible. So if you are offered 2 laptops with the same specs but the price will not differ greatly ($50 to $100 ) should be choosing branded to avoid vertigo in the future.

7. Windows shopping. Lastly, if you have defined the brand, type, and specifications of your choice; you should looking for stores with good offers, do not directly buy, but do research first to another store.