04 January 2012

Unregister Ncomputing Serial Number

A reader asked me how to unregister serial number on NComputing,  so I decided to write a tutorial to unregister (delete) Ncomputing serial number.

Why should we unregister serial number? Unregister process must be done if we want to move the Ncomputing client to a different server / host. Because the Ncomputing thin client can only be used in one server.

Here's how to unregister Serial Number:

First of all open vSpace application, select Software Settings -> Information & Settings -> Serials Numbers on the left menu.
unregister ncomputing device

You will be shown a list of Ncomputing serial number that connected / was registered in your server. Right-click the Serial Number that you want to un-register, and then select Unregister Now .
vspace regitration process

You will presented with information about your NComputing client that you choose along with biographical data that is used to register the client beforehand. To continue process click Next.
unregisteration process

NComputing vSpace will contact the server (make sure you already connected to the Internet), wait a few minute, and when the process is successful there will be a success notification.
delete serial number

If all the above steps succeed, the Serial Number screen column on Register Status will changed from Registered to Expired.

move ncomputing thin client

Right-click the expired Serial Number and select delete. Confirmation dialog will appear when you press delete, press Yes button.Uregistering NComputing serial number has been successful and you can move it to another server.