01 February 2012

How to Soft reset and Hard reset BlackBerry Smartphone

Resetting BlackBerry is the first thing you must done when experiencing conditions like problems with your BlackBerry (hardware / software), not receiving good signal, installing new application, or after upgrading your BlackBerry operating system.

After you do that, usually the problems will be solved. Reset will made BlackBerry shut down completely and reload the operating system and applications running on your blackberry.

There are two ways to restart / reset BlackBerry, "hard reset" and "Soft reset".

How to perform a hard reset on the Blackberry:

  1. Remove your BlackBerry back cover
  2. Pull the battery and wait a few seconds
  3. Insert the battery again, and your Blackberry will restart

How to perform a soft reset on the BlackBerry:

To perform a soft reset simply press the 3 button on your Blackberry Qwerty keyboard.
soft reset and hard reset blackberry

Press and hold "Alt" key and press the right Shift key, with both of that buttons remain pressed, press the Backspace / Delete button.

BlackBerry display screen will turn off indicating that soft reset has been in process, release the button and wait the restart process complete.

  • Do not try to soft reset BlackBerry smartphone that use SureType ® / SurePress ™ such as Blackberry Pearl and Blackberry Storm.
  • Soft reset can be performed on all types of Blackberry with Qwerty keyboard (Torch, Onyx, Curve, Javelin, etc.)
  • Restart (hard reset or soft reset) will not delete or alter data on the BlackBerry.
  • The process of reset / restart can take several minutes, and this is normal.
  • It is recommended to do a soft reset / hard reset every 3 days to keep your Blackberry responsive.