03 May 2012

How to add custom BlackBerry Font

blackberry messege
BlackBerry fonts can be changed or added with a variety of fonts so our BlackBerry phone become unique and different from the others, therefore Info Technology will teach you How to change BlackBerry Font without installing a 3rd party application.

Basicly you can use all type of fonts either its from your computer or by downloading from the internet. Note: You can change fonts in your new or old BlackBerry type (OS4, OS5, OS6, and OS7).

After you obtained the font you desire, you must change the font extension from .ttf to .font before you do this tutorial.

file extension change

Here are download links for official BlackBerry Font (used by BlackBerry logo at boot):

How to change BlackBerry Font

  • Download the font you want to add, and make sure you already change the font file extension from .ttf to .font
  • Run Files application (in Homescreen or Application folder).
BlackBerry Homescreen

  • Choose File Folders and go to Media Card. Select the font file that you want to add and click Menu button and select Cut.
file folder

  • Click Back button, go to Device, and then click Menu button and select Show Hidden.
show hidden files

  • Navigate to /Device/appdata/rim/fonts/ folder. And if the "fonts" folder does not exist, create a new folder with that name by clicking Menu button and select New Folder.
adding font in blackberry

  • Install the font by clicking the BlackBerry Menu and select Paste. Repeat the above steps if there are more fonts you want to install or add.
  • Perform Softreset / Hardreset BlackBerry (remove and insert battery)
  • After the BlackBerry restar, you can change BlackBerry font by going to menu: Options -> Device> Screen Display -> Font Family.
change blackberry font

- For OS5 and OS6, the maximum font size that can be used is 90KB.
- All BlackBerry device font can be replaced (storm, Curve 8520, Gemini 3G, BlackBerry Bold (9700-9780), Onyx, Apollo, Torch, Dakota, etc).
- This tutorial can be used to add any fonts, but sometimes it won't look good on your BlackBerry  (too big, or too small).